Marketing project Portfolio

Throughout my time at Biola University, I have strengthened my marketing skills and experience through conducting marketing research reports and marketing plans by working with businesses and clients in the fashion and nonprofit industries.   


Target Market Project 

What I Did: 

I created a marketing analysis research project on the women’s clothing companies of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. I gained hands on knowledge in the fashion marketing field, time management skills, research skills, and industry trends. I chose to do Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie because I have always admired those two companies. Through the completion of this project I improved my research, written, and oral skills. I also increased my knowledge in new marketing concepts and how to apply them to two different companies.

What I Would Do Differently:

If I could do this project again I would have given myself more time and spread out the process more. In result, I have learned how to better manage my time to be more efficient.

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Marketing Research Report 

What I did: 

    Throughout a five month period, I conduced a marketing research project for CocoRose Boutique. First, this project consisted of secondary research through collecting in-depth articles and websites on the women’s fashion industry. Second, customer interviews were conducted over a two week period to gain first hand information on how CocoRose’s customers felt about the store and what they could improve. Third, a survey was created from the gathered information and handed out at CocoRose Boutique over a three week time period. Finally, all of the surveys were entered into a program called SurveyPro and analyzed and created into a marketing research report that was presented to my client. I chose to do this marketing research for CocoRose Boutique in Orange, California because I have always been interested in the fashion industry. I wanted to gain more knowledge in the fashion industry and continue to pursue a career in the fashion industry in the future.

How I Grew:

Throughout this project, I grew tremendously professionally and personally. Professionally, I learned how to do extensive research, create a survey, and analyze that survey into charts, graphs, cross tabs, and select filters. I was able to provide my client with a valuable information in order to improve her business. Personally, I grew in my time management skills, discipline, and tenacity. This was a very time consuming project and through it all I never gave up and persevered though any obstacle that I faced along the way. 

One Year Marketing Plan

What I did: 

Throughout a four month period, I created a one year marketing plan for the YWCA of North Orange County a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in Fullerton, California. They empower women through a variety of different programs and services for women such as free breast cancer screenings, employment services, scholarships, and prom dresses and accessories for high school girls who cannot afford them. I was truly inspired by the work that they are doing and how committed each of them are to their organization and women in the community. I was honored to be able to work with them throughout the semester and continue to grow and help them improve. I volunteered with them every week, sometimes even multiple days a week. I really wanted to dive into the organization and be able to create the best marketing plan for the YWCA. I was able to create marketing strategies to improve the organization for the future. 

How I Grew:

I learned now to do a situational analysis and analyze the internal and external factors of the organization. I strengthened my research and interview skills throughout the partnership. I learned about the different factors that go into a nonprofit such as mission statements, fundraising, alumni programs, success measurements, data tracking systems and much more. I also learned how to create different marketing and fundraising strategies that could best help the YWCA. Through research, interviews, and different interaction with the organization I was able to create different marketing strategies that I believe are all feasible and very helpful or the organization. I have also continued to develop my strong work ethic and determination throughout the course of this project.