Nancy Jacobson

Marketing Fashion NonProfits

Striving for Excellence


A Passion

Hello! My name is Nancy Jacobson and I am a senior marketing student at Biola University. I am passionate about marketing, specifically in the fashion and nonprofit industries. 

Who I am 

My name is Nancy Jacobson and I am from Scottsdale, Arizona. I am attending Biola University where I am getting my Bachelors Degree in Business with a Concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Biblical Studies. I have a passion for marketing and want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Business has always been something I have been drawn to and discovered my love for marketing at Biola University. I have grown tremendously academically and personally throughout my time in the Crowell Business School at Biola University. Throughout my time at Biola, I have conducted marketing projects with clients from the fashion industry and nonprofit industry. Check out my work by clicking the icon below. 


Throughout my time at Biola, I have strengthened my skills in the areas of marketing through research, conducting interviews, focus groups, creating surveys, research reports, creating graphics, and marketing plans. I also have a developed a passion for making new relationships and serving others. I have a hard driven work ethic and I never give up. I am encouraging and always positive and enthusiastic with whatever task I am given. 

I want to continue my work in the business field with an intent to go into the fashion industry and also to work with nonprofit organizations. Through the knowledge I have gained from the business school, my colleague and I have created a nonprofit organization called Hopeful Horizons that has raised over $500,000 to donate to the community and spread God’s word through lending a helping hand to people in need.




 I am passionate about pursuing a career in the fashion industry. I have an eye for style and love putting things together. Fashion has always been something that has excited me and allowed me to express my creativity.